The Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council issues the PCI DSS framework to provide standards and requirements for merchants accepting payment cards and ultimately to secure consumers and their payment data. However, there is a specific and critical stage in the payment lifecycle currently absent from this framework: data creation. Websites are now a primary and growing entry/creation point for payment data.

Concerningly, due to a universal flaw in the construction of nearly every website, data is left exposed to multiple unauthorized external entities and for hackers to exploit their access. Because this flaw is universal, the attack vector is actively being exploited such that nearly 5,000 websites per month are victimized.

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  • The Current Framework Gap
  • Client-Side Security within the PCI Framework
  • Payment Data Exposure and Theft from Client-Side Security Threats
  • Threat Actor Exploitation & Potential Damages
  • Guidance to Ensure Organizations are Protected from Client-Side Security Threats
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