Why 3rd party client-side risk should be at the top of your list to tackle

Client-side attacks are an immediate threat for any website that collects sensitive data or is transaction oriented. In fact, vulnerabilities introduced through 3rd party JavaScript that is used on nearly 95% of the world's websites representing a near ubiquitous blind side to incoming client-side attacks. 

In the last two years, cybercriminals have been busy - to the tune of hundreds of attacks per month. These attacks, which include credential harvesting, formjacking, digital skimming, clickjacking, etc have appeared in headlines virtually every week in the first quarter of 2022.

A successful data breach on your organization's website could result in tens to hundreds of millions of dollars of material losses - represented in initial response costs, and secondary fines and judgements. Look at what happened to British Airways - where a client-side attack resulted in a more than $20m GDPR fine.

Fortunately, the Source Defense platform offers you a hands-off, easy to deploy method to protect - not just detect - 3rd-party risk in your digital supply chain.

  • Quick deployment — Simply place Source Defense tags into the headers of the web pages running the JavaScript you want to protect. No need to change your configurations or add anything to your servers.
  • Easing the burden on your already over-burdened team — Cybersecurity teams are stretched thin as it is. Source Defense is a low-impact, low-effort way to protect your blind side. It doesn’t add to the burden on your staff or force you to attract and train more security talent.
  • Prevention instead of detect-and-alert — Source Defense uses real-time policy-based sandbox isolation to prevent client-side attacks that originate in the digital supply chain your site depends on.
  • No management headaches — You accept policy recommendations as necessary. Source Defense does the heavy lifting and continually monitors and updates protection instead making you implement and maintain it.

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What our current customers are saying about Source Defense's solution to block client-side attacks:

"As far as things that are easy wins in Information Security, as few as they are, Source Defense VICE is a gem...The lack of alerts to you from Source Defense is a testament to the efficiency of the ML and the Source Defense human intelligence team. Learn a new way to spend your nights and weekends - relaxing. So easy, works so well, unconscionable for an information security professional to not have Source Defense VICE in place." - Director of Information Security

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