Preventing Modern Web Attacks

Modern web applications are designed to promote seamless end-user transactions. App deployments scattered across modern infrastructures foster a smooth user experience, but concurrently expose apps to many new attack vectors. 

The widespread use of third-party JavaScript integrations within modern apps opens up vulnerabilities including malicious activities such as Magecart and Formjacking.

Attackers can also target the web layer via HTTP requests at high volume using ploys like account takeover (ATO), bad bots, SQLi and XSS injection attacks, and web logic abuse.

Matt McGuirk, Source Defense’s full-stack web dev expert, will discuss how to tackle the challenges organizations face in securing applications. The webinar will cover:

  • The most common attacks targeting distributed web apps
  • How a web application firewall (WAF) can inspect and decision on both north-south (client-to-app origin) and east-west (service-to-service) web requests
  • How to detect and prevent malicious client-side activity originating from website supply chain vendors
  • A live demo illustrating these security tactics


Watch the on-demand webinar to upgrade your app security posture.


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