As Part of the Magecart Webinar Series

Inside and Beyond MAgecart

What You Need to Know to be Protected From Attacks

Thursday April 30, 2020
      1:00pm ET (10:00am PT)
      30 minutes
Magecart attacks can be difficult to detect as its malicious script resides on the client-facing side of the website, waiting to skim off any personal information when a customer is at the checkout. Once a website is infected, the payment card information is harvested without the merchant or consumer being aware that the information has been compromised.
Register for this webinar and learn:
    1. Anatomy of Magecart Attacks
    2. Strategies on how to hunt malicious attackers
    3. What happened during major public breaches, and what it means for hundreds of other e-commerce sites
    4. The newest research that will better define the scope of Magecart’s influence

Webinar Speakers

Jacob Pimental, Senior Incident Response Analyst at T. Rowe Price


Jacob prides himself on being a self-taught reverse engineer. He studied at RIT before being hired by T. Rowe Price as a Senior CyberSecurity Analyst at the BSidesCharm Hiring Village in his sophomore year. Jacob recently discovered an attack on an Olympics Ticketing reseller website in addition to being cited for finding MageCart activity on 60+ E-commerce websites with his work prominently noted by RiskIQ and Graham CluleyIn his free time Jacob runs the blog GoggleHeadedHacker, where he publishes malware analysis reports and Reverse Engineering tutorials.

Matthew McGuirk, Solutions Architect at Source Defense


Matt is a critical Source Defense engineer and researcher with  a focus on browser-session JavaScript vulnerabilities. He has over fifteen years of experience in full-stack web development and related technologies. He is a subject matter expert in JavaScript, browser behavior, and user experience on the web. Matt frequently consults with Fortune 500 companies across a broad range of industries to help them define the best solution to address the threat posed by Magecart.